June 2018 by Ceelyn Jian
I am writing this recommendation letter to confirm that Elizabeth Han is an excellent and effective commercial real estate agent.

She has been very effective to find listings within our criteria from beginning, and she guided us through out the process to make sure that we are ready with all necessary documents in the place. She followed up with all of our inquires of retail space, and she found a perfect location within our budget. She made sure that we were the first one to see this “Hot” retail space at Chelsea, and got us contracted!! In order for us to get this space, she followed through with the landlord for all negotiation and lease signing.

We are very pleased with her work and we have requested her to find our second location.

June 2018 by Mary D. Rothenberg
This is a letter confirming our whole-hearted recommendation of Elizabeth Han as an extremely effective Commercial Real Estate agent.

We experienced this effectiveness first hand as we came to Elizabeth with very definite and challenging guidelines with regards to such things as cost, location and frontage, as well as with a fixed deadline. Elizabeth went above and beyond throughout the entire process: she was able to find and get us in to look at properties rapidly, and with regard to any property we found interesting, she was in constant communication with us (going so far as to pick up the phone from the West Coast while on vacation) and the landlord''s representation in such a way as to move negotiations along as briskly as possible.

It should be noted that our process included losing a space to another party which we very much wanted. While Elizabeth did as much in possible in line with the above, it turned out that simply nothing could be done, seemingly due o a prior relationship between the landlord and the other party. However, as disappointed as we all were, Elizabeth showed her effectiveness once again, moving very quickly to find us several more options, which included a new and more suitable space that we eventually leased.

Finally, once our space was secured and contracts were signed--in short, after she had, for all intents and purposes, completed her job--Elizabeth continued to keep a careful eye on the progress, which helped us greatly as we tried to maneuver the scheduling of our move in day, getting in touch with the super and getting keys--this held true even up to our move-in day, whereupon finding that the unit was left dirty by the previous tenant, and that we were forced to clean, she not only communicated the situation to management but brought us some excellent cleaning supplies to help!

All in all, we could not have asked for a better agent, and hope that this letter shows as much. Please feel free to contact us if you''d like any more detailed information on our experience with Elizabeth.

April 2018 by Mark Scherzer
In January, 2017, I was given unanticipated notice of the accelerated termination of my office lease so the landlord could demolish the building. I was given four months to relocate. The lease termination could hardly have happened at a worse time, and several factors conspired to make our move particularly difficult. For one thing, I had a personal imperative that I find office space convenient to my lower Manhattan home, but that is in an area where older buildings with smaller offices (I require about 1500 sq. feet) are disappearing to residential conversions.
In such a difficult situation I feel very fortunate to have worked with Elizabeth Han and Lauren Rapoza, whose teamwork resulted in finding space for our office which suited our needs and exceeded our expectations. I would characterize them as diligent not only in locating prospective spaces but in corralling a couple of busy lawyers into following up with visits, reminding us of deadlines, and getting us to consider options we might not initially have considered, one of which worked ideally. When difficulties loomed, they proposed intelligent work-arounds. I was immensely pleased with their services and would highly recommend both of them.